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Earn Easy Money by Shrink Links with adf.ly


First, I will tell you what is adfly


Adfly is the URL shortener service that pays you for every visitor to your links. Even if you are a blogger or not, you can easy monetize your ideas of “spread” links. You don’t need a website / money for investment / or anything else.

All is for free and you just need AN IDEA (no hard work / long time / etc…).


How does adfly work and why it pays you


Once you shorten a URL and someone accesses it (short URL), before that person to go to the initial page (long URL), it will see some ads for 5 seconds. This ads is sponsored by some advertisers that wants to promote their websites / products / etc… Now I will give you an example:

I have this URL: http://q.gs/13692037/adfly(long URL).
Now I shrinked this with adfly and I got following URL:http://bit.ly/2a826gj (short URL).

As you can see, once you access short URL created by adf.ly, will appear some ads, and after you press “SKIP AD” button (from right top corner), you will be redirected to long URL.

That’s all… Now that you understand how it works we can continue with sign up and presentation of the site.


Step 1 – Register an adfly account


  1. Go To adf.ly – click here
  2. Click “Join Now” button and complete the registration form.

Now you must confirm your adf.ly account.
Go to your email and press on confirmation link that adf.ly sent to you.
Then your adf.ly account will be activated and ready to make money.


Step 2 – Shrink an URL


  1. Go to adf.ly (login if needed)
  2. Enter desired URL to shrink
  3. Press “Shrink” button


Step 3 – Copy short URL and share it


For copy the sort URL just press “Copy” button.

That’s all… now you’re done !

Now you must share adf.ly URL to get paid. You will get money for every click on short URL.

But where you can share this URL for more money ? There occurs your idea. You need to find a way to get more clicks on your URLs. You can try this on Facebook / Twitter / your Blog / your Website / any Forums / etc…

Good Luck !